Hello my name is Marina and I’m completely in love with photography. The possibility of freezing a special moment in time and to look back at it over the years captivates me. It’s magic.

In life there is magic everywhere, in every little thing in our daily life and I enjoy discover it and collect it in photographs so that it can be revealed to everyone.

I’m inspire by music, light and specially by people. I love to photograph people, genuine people with genuine feelings so I tend to photojournalism, the photography that tells true stores, shows real life and genuine emotion, rather than posed photographs. They are more natural and show better the little details of your day.

I consider your wedding day as one of the most important days in your life, a day that you want to keep and treasure forever. This mean that rather than be there interrupting your day, I’ll be part of it, being everywhere in order to document everything and helping in anything I can. It’s your day and you are supposed to be enjoying it rather than be chased by a photographer.

My intention is to let your moment happen and create an unique set of artistic images in which every single frame tells a story. Tells your story.


I was born in sunny Spain and although I moved to London many years ago, I still need the sun to recharge batteries. Nothing like a sunny day to get my smile out.

Always ready for a trip anywhere, all I need is my camera but I wouldn’t say no to good company and nice music to inspire my trip.

I can’t wait to meet you and create something extraordinary with you.